This is a section dedicated to people who have helped me with this site.

Want to contribute to this site? Simply drop me an email at: with contributions and I'll be sure to review and post items I feel are appropriate for this site. I will even consider staff positions and recongnition for high volume contributors.

Daniel Brett - A regular contributor, among other things, Daniel told me about the "Mind-Manipulation-O-Matic" Clip on for the second entry on September 20th.

Christopher Dalby - Provided info about new M&S merchandise for my July 18th 2010 post.

David Law - Provided npower video updates and behind the scenes info for March 22nd and July 18th 2010 posts.

Ben Riches - Provided the high resolution Harvey Nichols photos for my October 27th 2008 post.

Jafar - Let me know about the statue to be built in Bristol that was reported on in my July 1st 2006 entry.

Jawad Mir - Owner & Senior Editor over at the DreamWorks SKG Fansite Network dropped me an email on September 20th to let me know about the contest going on over at that site. As the owner of a site that might be seen as a competitor to this one, I feel our cooperation has been an invaluable resource for both of us.

Jordan Bellamy - A regular contributor, among several other things he let me know about the "Dog Fight" Clip from on the September 20th post.

Brian Zoromski - Editor-in-Chief over at IGN FilmForce, he let me know about the exclusive ""Launch and Activate" clip over on IGN Filmforce.

John Freeman - Owner of, John let me know about the debut release of the WnG Comic for my September 3rd update.

June Toy - A regular contributor. She told me about the World Exclusive WnG movie trailer on for my March 2nd, 2005 post, and new details about the McFarlane toys for my May 7th, 2005 post, movie poster release news on May 11th, new trailer and pictures on the May 19th post.

Steven Attenborough - A regular contributor. He let me know about previews of toys at for the May 29th, 2005 post. And about the images of WnG toys for a July 9th, 2005 post.

G.W. - Let me know about the launch of, the Wallace and Gromit official Movie website, post made on February 14, 2005. He also contributed a whole post for the site on February 16th, 2005.

Georg Bauer - Found some links, photos and information for the post I made on December 9th, 2004.